Elastomeric Roofing

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Elastomeric Roofing

Elastomeric roofing or rubber roofing, as it is commonly called, is one type of synthetic roofing material that is a composition of recycled rubber. This rubber is being chipped off in the rubber mill and the small chips are mixed with different chemicals to manufacture the RRPV (Recycled Rubber Poyurethane Elastomer) or the EPDM (Ehtylene Propylene Diene Monomer). To be able to come up with ultra violet (UV) filtering ability, manufacturers of rubber roof often add pulverized stone, limestone, or slate to the mixture. It also enhances the look of the material and its durability.

To do the installation of elastomeric roofing, it needs to have an underlayment. But before the construction work is left for the day, roofers should have already finished applying the membrane roofing underlayment. The reason for this is to avoid water to get in when rain occurs unexpectedly as this will wet up the interiors of the framework like the plywood and insulation board. And if this happens without awareness, there is a big tendency that sooner or later moisture on the insulation board or the plywood will cause the material to be easily damaged.

Elastomeric roofing may be applied with elastomeric coating in liquid form and “rubber-like protective membranes. During the progress of the construction work, it may serve as a maintenance and protection for the rubber roof for possible leakage or tearing down. The use of rubber coating doesn’t only repairs annoying leaks but it can help save money due to its heat reflectivity. But proper coating selection should be done, as not all elastomeric coatings are the same. They may differ in durability, adhesion, and in some of its mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation. Your roofing consultant can get you the best advices on this.

As compared to clay tile roofing, elastomeric roofing is 100 percent waterproof because of its anti-porous property. It is also fireproof and a single-ply application is all that is needed. Because of its UV filtering ability, the material is able to resist against ultraviolet radiation, gases, and even snow and ice. This type of roofing material can last from 40 years onwards, depending on the durability of the rubber.

If you live in a place where temperature can go as low as 20 degree Celsius, don’t ever think of using this type of roofing material. Elastomeric roofs are not very flexible in low temperatures. Have other alternatives ready, or consider shifting to another location if you would really like to use rubber roofing for your building.

Personalized Color Wholesale Printing

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Company image is the most treasured and cared aspect in business. It must be treated that way so as not to yield trust and loyalty.

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Company image is the most treasured and cared aspect in business. It must be treated that way so as not to yield trust and loyalty.

In the business world if you have outstanding company image, it means, more people are patronizing your products and services. It is means you are famed by your excellent dedication in catering to individuals needs and wants and that dedication extends up to the point of knowing whether they are fulfilled by what you are offering to them.

There are a lot of ways to create and improve company image. First is the use of effective marketing tools in order to publicize and boost your company. A wide variety of marketing tools are now available these days. We have the world wide web, television and radio to ensure a fast and accessible information dissemination.

In print, we have the magazines, newsletters, brochures, posters, flyers, banners, stickers, postcards and business cards. These materials can definitely bolster the company’s image. You may think that having them printed is a taxing and expensive job. Worry no more because we now have this wholesale printing services that are especially made for bulk orders. This is will ensure quality printing materials at a not so expensive cost.

If you want a personalized way of marketing your business, you can opt for customization. How do you make this happen? First, you can make your own design and use your pictures and images that can represent your company quite well. Then, upload these photos or graphics. Next, select fonts and colors that will blend with your design and company image. Use colors interpretatively and wisely. You can choose full color printing to get the most appropriate and long lasting colors. This process make use of four colors ? cyan, magenta, yellow and black in bringing out brilliant images. Aside from pictures, use tag line or personalized texts that will reflect your company. The outcome of which must be presented personally to the printer of your choice or submitted to them online. After all these, all you have to do is wait. After a few days you can stare at your masterpieces. Start the ball rolling by distributing them to your probable customers.

Inexpensive Area Rugs Give Your Home The Facelift It Needs

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Inexpensive Area Rugs can add to the overall look of your home without having to pay the price for the expensive rugs that look the same. Find out the three questions you should ask yourself before buying another rug.

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Most of the time when you move into a new home or decide to remodel, you forget one of the most important decorating rules. Decorate from the ground up. Since what sits on the floor is most important, then maybe you should consider inexpensive area rugs.

What is so great about inexpensive area rugs?

Inexpensive area rugs allow you to have the styles, designs, patterns, and colors of the more expensive rugs without having to pay the price. If you don’t care that you don’t own the ‘real thing’ and would rather have a cheaper flooring solution, the inexpensive area rug should be your first choice.

Many inexpensive or wholesale rugs are cheaper because of the fibers they are made of. Many cheaper rugs are not made of New Zealand’s finest 100% wool but rather made with synthetic fibers such as olefin, polypropyline, and nylon. What’s really great is that these fibers can last just as long and don’t cost as much.

There are a few items to consider when buying an area rug for your floors. What are you going to use the rug for? Is it going in the kitchen, living room, outside, dining room, bedroom, or maybe even the playroom? This is something you need to decide. Obviously, if you are going to buy a rug that will endure much use, such as in a playroom, you don’t need the world’s finest.

Secondly, how big does the rug need to be? Most rugs don’t need to cover the entire floor to add to the look of the room. Most of the time a simple 4′ x 6′ rug will do great. If you do want to cover the entire floor, be sure to leave at least one to two feet between the rug and the wall. This look much better.

Thirdly, what colors or patterns do you want in the rug? You might want to get a rug that draws attention to itself. These rugs need to have sophisticated patterns and bright colors. On the other hand you might want a rug to draw attention towards another piece of furniture or object in the room. These rugs need to be simpler and match the room’s overall look. Don’t be afraid though to mix and match rug styles with the rest of the room. For example, modern rugs with their bright colors and outrageous designs can go well with a traditional look. All in all make sure that the colors and patterns match and you will be fine.

Last of all, don’t forget the rug pad. Rug pads will add a bit of cushion while holding the rug in place so it won’t slip beneath you. The best part about the rug pad is that it makes the rug easier to vacuum.

Remember, inexpensive area rugs are a great solution to give your rooms a new look. Look for them the next time you are shopping or surfing the net and will be surprised at the amazing rugs you can buy for such cheap prices.

Different Types of Roofing Materials

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Different Types of Roofing Materials

There are different types of roofing materials available in the market today. In choosing the perfect one for your home, factors such as the environment, weather conditions in your locality, aesthetic value and budget are the primary considerations to keep in mind. Although in building your very own abode, every nook and cranny should be deliberated meticulously, your roof should be given topmost importance. So, to aid you in your quest for that perfect roof, here are the different types of roofing materials commonly used today.

Asphalt shingles is the most popular roofing material in the United States. The massive production and relatively low application cost of asphalt shingles makes it tougher for other different types of roofing materials to match. Available in different colors and designs, homeowners will have greater chances to find one that will suit their taste and preferences. The main drawbacks to asphalt shingles is the constant need for maintenance and routine check ups to monitor cracked shingles that needs replacement. It is also highly advisable not to paint asphalt shingles, as this will significantly contribute to the rate of deterioration.

Metals are another alternative for roofing materials. Commonly used in commercial structures, some residential owners have chosen this material for its longevity, durability and aesthetic value. There are basically two types of metal roofing products: panels and shingles. Metal shingles are designed to simulate the traditional roof coverings such as the wood shakes, tiles and shingles. Metal roofs are known to significantly reduce energy bills since they are good insulators. However the downside of using metal roofing materials is their susceptibility to denting.

The slate is considered shatterproof but usually more expensive than the other different types of roofing materials available in the market today. Most slate roofs come with a 50-year warranty, primarily designed to be lightweight and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Tile roofing would be a brilliant addition to your home. They are typically made from clay, slate or concrete and come in different shapes and sizes. Among the different types of roofing materials, tiles are the only ones that come with a lifetime warranty. The sheer resiliency of tile roofs can even resist intense heat and earthquakes. Since it is made out of a dense material, the total weight of your roof can be quite heavy. You would need to have some structural reinforcements to support the added load. However, there are lightweight alternatives that actually look and perform like the real thing.

With all the choices readily available today, it would be smarter to take some time to really find your the ideal material to use for your roof. This is not a inconsequential matter since you’ll have to live under that very roof for the better part of your life.

Indoor Plants: How They Help Us At Home And Work

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An idea that’s being planted in more and more offices, senior centers and homes is one that may surprise many people: namely, the benefits of indoor plants. Simply put, being close to plants reduces stress.

Guest post today from Active Paving – expert Dublin patio installers for many years.

Indoor Plants: How They Help Us At Home And Work

An idea that’s being planted in more and more offices, senior centers and homes is one that may surprise many people: namely, the benefits of indoor plants. Simply put, being close to plants reduces stress.

Research has shown that heart rate, blood pressure and skin conductivity all benefit from the presence of plants and that people in planted offices recover from stress more quickly than those in unplanted offices.

The effect is likely to be most significant in situations where the tasks being performed are repetitive or not requiring high levels of concentration.

Studies in the U.S. also show that by reducing stress and improving attentiveness, plants can improve workplace productivity.

A number of studies also show that plants can reduce the incidence of minor health complaints in the working environment. For example, in one Norwegian study, after plants were installed in the trial offices, staff complaints about:

• Fatigue were reduced by 30 percent

• Headaches were reduced by 25 percent

• Dry throats were reduced by 30 percent

• Coughing were reduced by 40 percent

• Skin irritation were reduced by 25 percent.

Plants are also believed to have such a dramatic effect because they both improve indoor air quality and people’s perception of the building.

Today, horticultural therapy blooms as a profession and a practice. The American Horticultural Therapy Association reports that “horticultural therapy is not only an emerging profession; it is a time-proven practice.” Nurturing and caring for plants is a highly interactive and satisfying experience for people of any age, particularly for seniors.

As a way of giving back to the senior community while shining a spotlight on the healing benefits of taking care of plants, Initial Tropical Plants, the largest provider of interior landscaping and design installation to businesses in the nation, created the Grassroots Senior Healing program. The company donates plants, containers and talented horticultural employees to volunteer at low-income senior citizen centers and demonstrate the healing benefits of tending to interior plants.

Interestingly, planted buildings also have less airborne dust than unplanted ones. The effect is mainly due to increased humidity and static electricity. That’s because plants are slightly negatively charged compared with their surroundings and so will attract positively charged dust particles, reducing the number in the air and on surrounding surfaces.

Personalize Your Success

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Just last week, I used the last receipt form on my counter, and went in search of a new receipt book.

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Just last week, I used the last receipt form on my counter, and went in search of a new receipt book. It was a fruitless search… I had just used the very last one in the office. Grumbling, I berated myself for not paying closer attention and went to check the mail.

Surprise, surprise! In my mailbox, was an advertisement with my name scrawled across the top. It asked if I had forgotten to purchase receipt forms, and gave simple directions to get them overnight!

It was like a message from heaven! How did they know my name, and the fact that I was out of receipts? Of course they have computers that keep track of regular orders… they know approximately how long it is between your orders, and take advantage of the knowledge, but the impact of a personal message at just the right time astounded me.

What’s in a name?
Power, for starters. When someone says your name you stop what you’re doing and respond. When you see your name in print, you perk up and pay attention. Yeah, a name is a powerful and magnetic tool that gets the attention of your customers.

Don’t be afraid to use your customer’s name. Address any mail to them personally. Put it on their emails. Your correspondence is much more likely to get read when it has their name scrawled across the top.

Real name vs. screen name.
Sometimes it’s hard to get the real names of potential customer who come to you on the Web. With a little research, you can usually find their name somewhere in the email address or on the header of their emails. Can’t find it? A screen name will work, but won’t have the power their real name would have.

Set the example. Sign all of your emails with your real name, and see how many customers respond with their real names. It’s almost automatic. Once you’ve captured a name, store it with the email address so that it’s ready to be used in future mailings.

Be careful not to OVERDO it!
The key here is to be natural… you wouldn’t say my name 6 times in a conversation that consisted of about 3 paragraphs. Don’t annoy the heck out of your customer by doing it in print. A good rule of thumb is to use the first name 2 – 3 times per email.

Personalize your way to greater success, by using customer names.