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For most, Silicon Valley is a hotbed of technological productivity, teeming with a sea of startups, each clamoring for the attention of both consumers and venture capitalists. Yet, located some 670 miles northeast from the world’s most infamous birther of global tech behemoths and newly-minted startups, sits a little town in Boise, Idaho, which is now home to one of the hottest SaaS companies in the world. In short, Russell Brunson has become a multi-millionaire!

However, as the virtual doors silently opened to ClickFunnels in 2014 — Russell Brunson’s innovative startup that has been silently revolutionizing the online marketing industry — there wasn’t a single VC in sight. There was no one there to make suggestions on sales strategies or attempt to influence Brunson’s business plan to scale or flesh-out the platform in any shape or manner.

Nope. Not one. Brunson was on his own.

However, ClickFunnels, which was entirely self-funded by Brunson’s Etison, LLC, launched amid a dazzle of emails that sent sizzling sales copy, enticing over 1 million people on his list to join his latest venture. Yes, you heard me. Over one million people. That’s the size of Brunson’s email list. And it’s growing stronger by the day.

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The competitive advantage that Brunson holds over your average founder is one of deep entrenchment in the internet marketing space. He lives, breathes and feeds off of the analytics, able to meticulously scrutinize sales copy, tightly twist and concoct high-converting offers, and pick apart the resultant traffic until he’s created a proverbial cash machine.

As each cash machine comes online, he adds to an army of money-on-autopilot systems that are constantly enriching his vast and ever-growing digital empire while he sleeps. Yes, this is the stuff of legends. This is what dreams are made of. This is what draws in those reluctant 9-to-5’ers who envision a life lived according to their own means, one beyond all the corporate red-tape and bureaucracies of careerism.

As someone who’s well-versed and deeply embedded in the online marketing space, I’ve been drawn to Brunson’s drawl for some time now. What makes the man so alluring is his ability to be so transparent and his willingness to help those in a crowded space filled with cheerleaders tooting their own horns, trying to pitch you the latest dazzling make-money system or fad weight-loss diet.

In this field filled with one-hit wonders and smoke-and-mirror shows, a person like Brunson stands out. In fact, anyone in any industry who works to add value first and foremost will rise to the top. And that’s precisely what Brunson has always aimed to do — to add value to the lives of entrepreneurs looking to untether the cord from a full-time job that has them at the mercy of their corporate overlords.

The Early Days

Take one quick look at Brunson, and what you’ll discover behind the boyish good looks and youthful demeanor, is a seasoned veteran in the internet marketing industry, able to command an army of wannabe entrepreneurs looking to enter into a space that will allow them to make money online and live a carefree lifestyle that involves the freedom to travel the world, earning an income at their will no matter where they might be on this planet.

I’ll confess. I’ve been drawn into Brunson’s hypnotizing webinars and well-place ads that beckon millions to join and salute his causes. I’ve long heard that voice, which is now a staple on social media sites, even being touted and promoted by the likes of the greats such as Anthony Robbins, Frank Kern and many others.

However, Brunson’s earliest days — we’re talking a decade prior to the time when ClickFunnels even had become a thought in his mind — were wrought with difficulties. He knew he needed to leverage the power of this thing called the internet, but just didn’t know quite how he was going to do it.

In a USA Today and Amazon best-selling book released several years back entitled, Dot Com Secrets, Brunson broke down his earliest frustrations with these so-called internet businesses. He had always been fascinated with advertisements, and he would intensively study all the sales copy on ads that would arrive through direct mail at his home and on late-night infomercials, to understand how the best offers were structured.

He was a tinker. Always trying to figure things out. But in one of his earliest businesses, Brunson explains to me that things didn’t go quite as planned. Back in 2002, while still attending Boise State, and as a married newlywed, Brunson’s desires to make money online led him to launching a business that landed him in hot water.

At the time, pagers were the big thing. Everyone had a pager. Which got Brunson thinking. He decided to build a DIY screen projector for the wall. The parts cost him $10 and he knew he could sell it for $40. He printed out a bunch of flyers and started placing them on cars with his brother until campus security caught him and shut down his venture.

However, it had worked. His pager was ringing off the hook. Each time it went off, he knew he had made another $40. That got him thinking further. Why not create a small booklet that would teach people how they could make $40 every time their pager rang? The lightbulbs were going off in his mind and he knew he had a bright idea.

He decided to print out 10 copies at his local Kinko’s and he created a small website with a little PayPal purchase button. Then, in order to reach out to the masses, he picked up a DVD of one million “spam-free” email addresses and crafted an email to sell his guide on how anyone could make $40 every time their page went off. He thought it was brilliant.

The night before he sent out his massive email blast, back when dial-up modems were still commonplace, Brunson told his wife not to worry about anything. They were going to be rich. And he assured his wife that she was going to be able to quit her job and that all their money problems would be solved. Before going to bed, he setup the system and the emails started going off one by one. It ran the entire night.

In the morning, his wife needed to make a phone call, so he needed to disconnect the internet since it was run over the phone. As soon as it was disconnected his phone rang. It was his ISP. The man on the other end was screaming at Brunson, telling him about all the complaints they had received and they had tracked those emails to his internet account.

Brunson swore they were spam-free email addresses. But that didn’t matter. His internet was effectively cut off, leaving him crippled and unable to get back online. He couldn’t check his email or do anything on the internet. Brunson slipped into a depression and told his wife not to quit her day job just yet.

Later that day, he headed to the library to check his messages. Little did he know that his experiment had worked. Although his ISP shut down his account, there were 30 orders for his booklet and money sitting in his PayPal account. That’s when Brunson knew he was onto something.

Poster Printing: Doing It the Right Way

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When businesses need a lot of posters for their tradeshows or presentations, they can benefit from the advantages of digital printing.

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Poster printing has certainly come along way since they were first used. Nobody can really say exactly how the print market will look in a few years time. But a few trends are clear; the surge in digital printing will carry on. Digital printing has really taken off in the last few years with more and more companies offering digital printing services.

More and more people and businesses are now moving to digital poster printing. Most of the publications, print shops and businesses today utilize digital poster printing technology because they are aware of its unique benefits in terms of speed and efficiency. When businesses need a lot of posters for their tradeshows or presentations, they can benefit from the advantages of digital printing. For one, going digital can help you easily correct flaws, alter contrast and brightness or even change the actual content of the graphics. It also enables you to reproduce your digital images considerably without losing any of its color or detail.

As digital also means that your computer based files can be produced at an incredibly high resolution output, you can produce as many as thousands for the same or lower cost per page. You can save time and money by sending your files directly to press and avoid the conventional steps of film separations, film stripping and so on.

But of course, as a business owner you have to take your time in deciding how much poster you plan on doing. If you need a lot of them, then you may want to consider buying them in bulk. Additionally, the design of the poster will depend on the audience that you want to attract. Most poster printing company today offer more than just quality color poster printing at very competitive prices. They make sure that they are able to deliver your project on time and within the possible budget.

Utilizing the services of a knowledgeable and experienced printing company can be beneficial to small and large businesses. Of course, you can have your posters printed at local printing places but purchasing them from on online printing company can be a lot less expensive and more efficient. Hence, before you get your posters printed decide first which printing service is best for you. Is it better to print it from your local print shop or from an online shop? You decide.

Ondura Roofing

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Ondura Roofing

When we talk about corrugated roofing, Ondura roofing is one of the more popular names. Ondura, the company that manufactures corrugated roofs has set the trend in corrugated roofing technology. Guided by their motto, “the new wave in roofing, it has given other corrugated roof manufacturer a run for their money. It is the industry leader in the corrugated roofing production. Their products are proven and tested to last and are reasonably priced. Their roofs have met the standard requisites of building codes. Ondura roofing is fit for residential, commercial and agricultural roofing needs.

Many residential buildings across the US are now switching to Ondura roofs. It has become the byword among households. Ondura roofs are designed beautifully in different bright colors that will match the over all impression of one’s house. Homeowners love them because they compliment to the totality of the design of their homes. Some have even decided to use Ondura for their reroofing because of its good standing reputation in the market and among homeowners.

Commercial and agricultural establishments contractors are also hooked to using Ondura roofs, because they are tested tough on commercial and industrial setting. Businessmen can save from maintenance labor costs since the roofs don’t need periodic cleaning. It is expected that production of Ondura roofs will increase as more and more contractors are convinced that Ondura roofing is the best there is in the market.

Ondura roofs have the same lightweight characteristics as with the other corrugated roof brands. Installing Ondura corrugated roofs are relatively easy to install, they don’t need special tools. All you need are simple tools like hammer, saw, chalk line and measuring tape. However extra steps are still needed to avoid unnecessary mistakes that might be costly in the long run. Ondura provides their clients with an instructional guide to ease the task of installing them. Ondura roofs are truly cost-efficient. They are very easy to maintain, thus you get a lot of savings from roofing cleaning products. They are very durable too, so it takes 10 years or so before you try considering a reroof.

The rising trend of Ondura roofing is unbeatable. The increasing demands of corrugated roofs from the residential, agricultural and commercial sectors is by any means an indication that Ondura roofs are the best choice for a corrugated roofing material. For those who are contemplating of changing their old damaged roofs, Ondura roofs would be an excellent choice. Those who are yet planning to build their own residential, agfricultural and commercial building; Ondura is the name to trust.

Installing a New Shower Unit

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A successful shower installation requires careful planning and a lot of work. In most cases, you will need to do three types of tasks: framing walls, installing the plumbing, and finishing walls.

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plumbing, faucets, water supply, piping, shower, boiler, hot water, fittings

A successful shower installation requires careful planning and a lot of work. In most cases, you will need to do three types of tasks: framing walls, installing the plumbing, and finishing walls.


Firstly, you must decide on the type of shower that you wish to install. It is important to ascertain whether the chosen shower is capable of coping with certain systems and can regulate a safe level of water through the boiler. Most shower units nowadays are designed to be flexible to different water pressures (such as stored hot water and cold mains).

It is also important to take into account the water pressure and the planning of the piping and drainage for the shower

Different Types of Shower Units

Push-on Mixer: The hose and spray parts of the push-on mixer shower unit can be connected to the bath tap as per your requirement, and the water temperature can be adjusted via the taps. Push-on mixers are cheap and extremely simple to install. However, although the hose connection is simple, it is easily dislodged. Additionally, it is inconvenient to adjust the temperature.

Bath/Shower Mixer: The hose and spray of this type of shower are combined with a bath mixer tap, and the temperature can be adjusted through the bath taps. It is a very cheap option and no extra plumbing is involved. However, the bath/shower mixers also suffer from inconvenient temperature control options.

Manual Mixer: The hose and spray of a manual mixer shower unit are a part of the wall unit and the hot and cold water supplies are connected to a single valve The temperature and pressure of the water are controlled through either one or a variety of knobs (in more expensive showers). Although temperature control is much easier in manual mixer types, they are more expensive than the previously mentioned mixers. They also require additional plumbing of hot and cold water supply pipes.

Thermostatic Mixer: The hose and spray of this shower type are a part of the wall unit and the hot and cold water supplies are connected to a single valve here too. It is complete with a built-in stabiliser to self-adjust the water temperature and to prevent it from becoming too hot. One of the biggest advantages of a thermostatic mixer shower type includes convenient temperature control. However, it is the most expensive of the different mixer options.

Power Shower: A power shower is a single unit containing a powerful electric pump that is capable of altering both the water pressure and temperature. This type of shower can be fitted if there is water supply from a cold water cistern and a hot water cylinder. A power shower makes the adjustment of both pressure and temperature easy. On the other hand, it is unsuitable for water heated directly by the shower or where the water is supplied by a combination boiler under mains pressure.

Electric Shower: An electric shower is plumbed into a mains cold water supply and it heats the water electrically. It is important to note that for this shower type to be installed, the mains pressure needs to be at least 0.7kg/sq cm (10lb/sq in). The unit allows the temperature and pressure to be adjusted via a knob. Models with temperature stabilisers are better as they remain unaffected by other taps elsewhere in use within the household. A major drawback of electric showers is that the control knob only allows for the option of high temperatures at less pressure, or lower temperatures at a greater pressure. This is problematic in the winter season when the spray is often weak and the mains water is colder. However, this problem is tackled in some models which are available with a winter/summer setting.

Depending on the type of shower you wish to install, the shower head must either be fitted in order to avoid its contact with the water in the bath below or the base tray, or it must have a check valve.

Before starting, it is advisable to mark the positions of the shower head and control, and to plan the pipe-work involved. Additionally, the drainage system to remove the waste water will need to be planned. Both positions of the cable route and the shower switch will also need to be considered if an instantaneous or electric shower unit is being installed.

Use the instruction guide provided with the shower unit to fit the shower control.

Before fitting the pipes that will supply the water to the shower system, it is important to cut off the water supply. In order to protect the pipes, they should be given a waterproof covering and also fitted with isolating valves. The pipes can then be buried into the wall and plastered over to neaten the overall look.

Fit the base tray, shower head, and fittings.

Connect the main shower control to the pipes that will be supplying the water (This may require a female screw thread adapter).

Reconnect the water supply and test the pipes for any leaks, as some may need tightening.

If you are installing an electrical shower, remember to switch off the electricity supply before making any electrical connections. Once these connections have been made (there should be guidance within the instruction manual), the power supply can be switched back on.

Adjusting Water Pressure to Suit Your Shower

The cold water reservoir can be lifted to a greater height (sometimes as little as 150mm (6inches)) by fitting a strong wooden support beneath it – possibly composed of struts and blockboards. If you choose this option, the main and distribution pipes will also have to be raised to meet the new height of the reservoir.

Alternatively, a booster pump (a single pump or a dual/twin pump) can be fitted. Whichever type is chosen, it must be connected into the power supply in order to operate.

Piping and Drainage

It is best to use 15mm diameter supply pipes, and make the runs to the shower as short and straight as possible so as to maintain maximum pressure and minimise heat loss. Additionally, by minimising the use of elbows for pipe corners, you can decrease the resistance in the flow of the water supply. You can achieve this by bending the pipes instead.

Most Common s

# Violating or ignoring local code restrictions.

# Using pipes that are too small.

# Attaching copper to galvanized without using a brass or dielectric fitting between the two.

# Not using tape or pipe compound at threaded joints.

# Not leveling your fixtures when installing them.

# Not installing an air gap filling for fixtures.

# Cutting supply stub outs too short to install the shutoff valves onto after the finished wall is in place.

# Not properly aligning tubing into fittings or stop valves. (Forcing the nut onto the compression ring at an angle when the tubing is at an angle will cause a leak.)

# When turning the water back on in your home, always run the outside hose valve or flush your toilets to bleed dirt and air from the lines. This debris can cause problems in your sink faucets and other plumbing trim.

Metal Roofing

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Metal Roofing

Roofing repair or installing a new one is such a time-consuming activity. But you just can’t put this thing aside or take this for granted lest everything you have earned will just go down the drain. One of the most commonly used roofing systems in the world is metal. Perhaps because it is readily available in the market and comes in various colors and styles that is why it is the popular choice among homeowners and builders. Metal roofing is also durable like any other roofing materials, though the initial cost will be high; the return of investment on metal roofing is high too. In the end it will turn out that investing in metal roofing is affordable after all.

The Metal Roofing Alliance and National Roofing Contractors Association in the US have both agreed that indeed metal roofing today has dramatically improved over the years. State of the art technology and new materials combined are being used to make it lightweight, hard-wearing and fire-resistant.

There are many available types of metal roofing anyone can take their pick from. Galvanized steel or what is commonly known as GI sheets is the cheapest in the market, yet very popular among households. The G-90 type is the one is recommended by the Metal Roofing Alliance for roofing installation.

Aluminum roofing is also one of the many choices, because it is lightweight, durable and easy on the pocket too. It is less corrosive, which means it does not rust easily. Like aluminum, copper is very strong material for roofing too, yet it is very expensive and roofing application may be a tedious work to do because of its intricacies. Another known roofing material is zinc. Like aluminum, it has an excellent corrosion resistance.

Metal roofing is maintenance-free and easy to clean. It can withstand severe weather conditions and changing temperatures. Because of its conducting property, it can attract heat easily therefore making it effortless to melt snow during wintertime. It is cost effective, leak proof and fire retardant. Installing it is very easy because it can be set up over the old existing ones. It is also environment-friendly because of its recyclability. The roof will last for longer years, so you get your money back.

Metal roofing will never goes out of style, as it continuously responds to the changing demands for a better quality, affordable, long-lasting and environment friendly. Consumers will continue to patronize metal roofing because it keeps up with the latest trends and styles that will match the discerning and impeccable taste of the buying public.

Information Regarding Roofing Permits

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Roofing permits have been introduced and have become much more stringent in a lot of states to ensure that you are having a suitable roof fitted to your house that will stand up to a reasonable amount of bad weather.

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Roofing Permits, Roofing Permits, building permits, building permit

When considering any building work to your property it is always important to consider whether building permits are required for that particular work. Without the applicable building permits it is quite possible that the new extension, the new garage or the new roof are not legal. You may be required by county or state law to remove the building work or pay a fairly hefty fine. The state buildings department usually conducts the issuing of roofing permits and any other building permits and your builder or contractor will have more accurate details of the permits you might require and how to go about getting one. You should consult with a contractor first because this can save a lot of time and potential heartache at a later date.

Why is it necessary to have roofing permits?

Roofing permits have been introduced and have become much more stringent in a lot of states to ensure that you are having a suitable roof fitted to your house that will stand up to a reasonable amount of bad weather. The roof on your house is the one thing that protects the inside of the home, the contents and the occupants from serious injury or damage in the event of storms or other prevailing weather conditions so it is important that you have the correct roofing installed to prevent this damage. Roofing permits are granted fairly easily as long as you meet these conditions.

When might I require building permits?

If you are having repairs done to your existing roof it is very unlikely that any roofing permits will be required because you are not changing the layout or the structure of your building in anyway. However, if you are having an extra layer of shingles added to your roof then you should check whether you need roofing permits to complete this project. Also, if you are having an entirely new roof fitted you will definitely need to consult your contractor and ask whether you should obtain roofing permits.

Different states have different regulations.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the roofing permits you will require for your new roof because they differ from one state to the next. This is why it is so important that you do the research and find out for yourself. What could be correct for one person could be completely incorrect for the next person. Try contacting your local council or government and enquiring with them. Tell them that you are thinking of having a new roof fitted and you want to make sure that you are getting the correct roofing permits; they will be able to help you.

The roof on your house is your first line of defense and is a vital barrier in protecting you and the contents of your home against the elements. There will unfortunately come a time in the life of every roof when repairs become pointless and you are essentially forced to purchase a new roof. When this time does arrive you are better spending as much as you can afford on getting the best roof with the longest life. When you ask for a quote from a roofing contractor try to get an idea of the roofing permits that will be required for the work you want done because without the appropriate ones you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Postcards Straight To Your Mail

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Direct mail postcards are cheap and effective promotional materials for many business owners. Postcards that are carefully and efficiently produced can be more than an advertising tool for a business.

postcards, printing, direct mail

To stay competitive in the market, one has to create ingenious means to showcase their products or services. You have to stand out from the rest. This is where the innovativeness of a person comes in handy.

Why spend your time and effort folding letters and stuffing them in envelops when you can simply send a one page promotional material without the hassle of licking envelops and stamping them for mailing. For years, postcards have been used to simply tell a friend that you have been to this great place and that you suggest he check it out, too. Few people realize that aside from being used as personal cards, postcards can also be used as marketing or promotional materials. In fact, postcards are used by many businesses today, because aside from they are simple and handy, they are inexpensive, too. Likewise, when people see a postcard they can absorb messages and information right away. They are also easy to store, easy to handle and simply unique.

Money wise, postcard printing is mostly within the budget of many business owners. Hence, even small business owners can afford to advertise through postcards. Printing and design costs are minimal because there are no letters, envelops and other inserts to produce. If you are really serious about marketing through postcards you can also consider mailing them directly to your potential customers. Why? Well, for one reason postcard separates you from your competitors. When a potential customer receives your postcard, they immediately recognize your name making you stand out from your competitors. Postcards also foster constant communication that can spur customers to turn to you whenever they need your service or product.

Direct mail postcards also build up customer loyalty. It is one of the great ways to tell your customers that they are important. Because direct mail postcards have been around for quite a while, you can benefit from this tried and proven marketing strategy.

A well produced postcard can be more than an advertisement. It can be an informative form of communication that can establish bond with customers. If done appropriately, direct mail postcards work. With so many reasons to use direct mail postcards, the only thing left for you to worry is what to include on your postcard.