DDWex Furnishing Your Home In Style

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Decorating your home can be a daunting task, but it is one that will reward you many times over. Determining your personal style allows you to create a theme that you can carry from room to room, giving the house a cohesiveness, even if your style is eclectic.

Your furniture is the backbone of the home. It is important to choose wisely and then formulate your design plan around your choices. After you have laid that foundation in place, you can begin to look at complementa… read more

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DDWex Can You fit Your Own Ornate Ceiling? Have A Go!

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Most people can now fit their own ornate ceilings thereby saving big dollars on installation cost. Find out how to do it

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Use aluminum instead of tin.

An aluminum alloy has now been created to especially suit these beautiful art metal ceilings. Aluminum is a corrosion resistant, durable product which doesn’t rust, unlike steel which is used by some manufactures of pressed tin. The panels are still widely known as pressed tin even though they are not made from tin. read more

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AP Caring For Your Vinyl Siding

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A low maintenance and durable material, vinyl siding is an increasingly popular home exterior. Even though it is a low maintenance material, you will still want to clean your vinyl siding from time to time. Just make sure you know about the best cleaning methods before you get started.

Simple maintenance cleaning of your vinyl siding is fairly straightforward. Use a long-handled brush with soft bristles or a soft cloth to wipe it down with soap and water. If your vinyl sid… read more

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AP Maintaining The Clean Carpet Look

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Tips on keeping your commercial carpets looking new for many years.

Carpet, carpet cleaning, flooring

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Are you frustrated that your carpets look nothing like they did when you first bought them? Probably, so are many other homeowners. Well, there are fortunately some things once can do to prevent carpet disasters as the one we have mentioned above.

Vacuuming is an essential step to keeping carpets clean. Many of us hate to vacuum yet are angered at the fact that our carpets continue to get dirtier and dirtier. If youre serious about maintaining your carpet, you need to do vacuum a minimum of once a week  not just when your carpet looks a bit dirty. You also want to take care of spills and messes right away. Allowing these to linger on your carpet for long could cause problems later down the road.
We touched on stains a bit in the above paragraph. What you have to understand is that stains need to be tended to promptly. Otherwise, they can remain in the carpet fibers and create an unsightly focal point. Anytime you see a fresh stain develop on your carpet, get a cloth on it and absorb the moisture. Some special solution for stains may assist in removing it from the fibers. read more

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CC Furniture Down The Ages

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All the movable household articles of equipment fall under the category of furniture. Furniture can be made out of metal, plastic, wood, glass, or marble. Whether it is an ordinary pine chest, country chair, or an elaborate ornamental cabinet, all are included in the wide range of furniture. Furniture is a decorative item that serves a purpose. Therefore it can be treated both as an item of necessity and luxury. Moreover, furniture is not restricted to the common stuffs like … read more

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CC Care And Maintenance Of Cork Flooring

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Many people think of a bulletin board when they think of cork flooring. This is not the case at all. This material is beautiful and available in a wide variety of colors and shades, from very light to dark. There is a cork floor to match any home d cor. It also comes in a wide variety of textures and patterns, including marble and wood grain patterns that resemble pergo flooring.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork is a great insulating material. It keeps your home warmer … read more

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AP Types of Staple-Up Radiant Heating Systems

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For existing homes, a staple-up radiant heat system has become quite popular, but like all products a staple-up radiant heat system needs to be installed correctly. Listed here are some additional products to consider that will maximize your heating efficiency and save you money.

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Under-floor radiant heat is ideal for homeowners that want to take advantage of the clean, even heat of a radiant heat system, but without the additional cost and labor of replacing your entire floors. read more

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DDWex Looking for Bedroom Furniture? Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind

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Although you may not be awake to see it, the bedroom is where you spend most of your time. Other then the kitchen, the bedroom sets your mood for the entire day and relaxes you after the day is done. Having the correct furniture for you and the space will dictate how you feel for the day and evening. Finding the right combination of furniture pieces can often be difficult and expensive so, how do you go about finding the right furniture for you as you troll the furniture stores? read more

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DDWex TV Wall Mount And Widescreen And Flat Screen And

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Not long ago a TV was a TV, just a television set. Yes, there where sets with some extra features, stand alone speakers for example, but it was easy to pick your choice. Now you have a lot more options to take into consideration and a number of terms to learn.

So let us see what kind of guide lines we can give you.

TV Wall Mount – These TV:s sell more and more but are considerably more expensive. They are called TV wall mount as they are so thin, 2-5 inches, or 5-10 cen… read more

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AP Futons Fit Any Room And Any Wallet

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Futons have become an increasingly popular component of the contemporary living. Why? They are stylish, extremely functional and versatile pieces of furniture that are very suitable for both urban and suburban settings. Futons can be integrated into any decor and the flexible options of futon beds, futon sofas, futon chairs and even futon bunk beds have found space in homes across the globe. Add a never-ending array of futon covers, from fine leather to durable vinyl and line… read more

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