Printer Barrier Tape Can Convey High Visibility Messages to Prospective Customers

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Among barrier tapes, printed barrier tape is the rule. Barrier tapes are typically there to tell people not to enter restricted areas. And it helps if the tape clearly specifies the reason for this prohibition, such as ‘Police Line’.

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Among barrier tapes, printed barrier tape is the rule. Barrier tapes are typically there to tell people not to enter restricted areas. And it helps if the tape clearly specifies the reason for this prohibition, such as ‘Police Line’.

Barrier tapes mark out areas where certain kinds of activities, such as a crime scene investigation or firefighting, are going on. If people enter these areas in an unrestricted fashion they can hinder these activities. So printed barrier tapes are erected indicating the restriction and the reason for it.

Barrier tapes, however, are used not only by police and fire departments but also by business organizations.

Businesses and Printed Barrier Tapes

Barrier tape is an excellent publicity media because of a number of factors. Firstly, the tapes are put up in public places, and are seen by large numbers of people. Secondly, they are highly visible to ensure that they do not go unnoticed by the public. Finally, they are wide tapes that can accommodate larger message displays.

All these make them attractive to publicity seeking businesses. If the barrier tape is erected at worksites, there is the additional advantage that the business can also demonstrate that it is executing (major) projects. This tends to enhance the credibility of the promotional message.

Businesses have begun to use printed barrier tapes at outdoor events and publicity campaigns that they organize. Quality printed company logos, names, contact details, and sales promotional messages, are featured on the wide and long barrier tapes. The tapes themselves are attention catching with their bright colors and arresting patterns.

Printed Barrier Tape for Business Promotion

Select a barrier tape that stands out among its surroundings. Put it up in a highly visible manner, say, facing the traffic. Use high quality printing to display your company logo, name, contact details, and a strong product promotional message. Use text colors that contrast with the background color, and design the layout for instant comprehension of the message.

You now have a wonderful brand building media. People will come to associate the logo with the name, and the product with both the logo and your company name. And the heavy traffic will ensure that many people become aware of you and your product. And the quality of the message and its presentation will also come to be associated with you.

That is brand building.

And the product promotional message, if it is strong and convincing, will percolate down into the viewers’ consciousness.

Printed Barrier Tapes

Barrier tapes are typically made from strong materials like vinyl, polyethylene and woven cotton or woven plastic. They usually range in width from 50 to 150 mm. You can buy them in standard length rolls or you can specify a custom length for each roll.

Eye catching colors like alternating red and white, or yellow and black, are typical. So are strong single colors like yellow and white. The colors chosen must stand out in the surroundings where the tape is put up.

The barrier tapes can come as shrink-wrapped rolls or in special dispensers. A standard number of rolls will be packed in each carton.


The printed barrier tape is an excellent medium for business publicity. They are put up at public places, employ eye-catching colors and patterns, and if put up at worksites, add credibility to your promotional message (indicating that you are doing what you claim to be doing).

Printed Tape for Packaging and Brand Building

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The printed tape that is used to seal your packages does multiple duties. Above all, it securely seals your package or parcel during transit. The tape can also highlight handling instructions as when the printing consists of clearly visible words like FRAGILE or GLASS.

Printed Tape, Vinyl Tape, Polypropylene Tape, Barrier Tape, Off The Shelf Tape, Bespoke Tape, Custom Tape

The printed tape that is used to seal your packages does multiple duties. Above all, it securely seals your package or parcel during transit. The tape can also highlight handling instructions as when the printing consists of clearly visible words like FRAGILE or GLASS.

However, the most profitable use of printed tape is in using it to build your company brand. Print your packaging tapes with your Logo, Company Name, Contact Phone and even a short, high impact, Promotional Message. Not only your customers, but also the package handlers and persons passing by the stored packages will then come to see your message. It will be a waste not to use the package real estate by using printed tapes.

Printed Packaging Tapes

The tapes can be made of different materials like Vinyl or Polypropylene. Each material will have differing characteristics. Vinyl is excellent for making printed tape as it has good printability property.

The copy to be printed on the tape consists typically of your company logo, name and contact details. The design of the copy should be high impact to create the kind of impression you want to make. If necessary, you can seek the help of your printed tape supplier to create an easily recognizable and impressive design.

You can ask the tape supplier to show you the proof before the final printing begins. With modern computer aided design methodologies, the design can be developed quickly and you can expect a proof within, say, 24 hours.

Once you approve the proof, the printed tapes can usually be delivered in one or two weeks, depending on the workload of the tape manufacturer. Even if the delivery period is slightly longer, it is better to entrust the work to quality conscious suppliers. They can ensure quality printing that will be impressive and will not fade by the time the package reaches its destination.

The type and color of material used can affect the overall impression created. The printed tape can be made of clear, adhesive plastic, or can be colored, say, white, yellow or buff. The printing should be highly visible and readable against the background.

Incidentals of Ordering Printed Tapes

What kind of material should be used for making the printed tapes? Do your products need self adhesive, clear plastic tapes? Or do you need printed strapping tapes?

Tapes can come in different widths and lengths. What widths are suitable for your standard and non-standard packages? What lengths are convenient for your shipping department to avoid frequent reordering? How many rolls does the tape supplier supply in a carton?

You should also look at the design services, printing quality and delivery periods offered by the printed tape supplier, in addition to the prices. In these days of online e-commerce, you should find it easy to obtain your requirements direct from manufacturers, at the best prices.


Printed tapes can be used not only for securely sealing your packages but also for your brand building campaign. The tapes come made of different materials, in different colors, widths and lengths. Select the particular configuration that suits your needs and print the tapes with your logo, company name, etc. Ensure that your tape supplier uses high quality printing.

Your packages will then be messengers of your company all along their journey.

Printed Postcards vs. E-Postcards (Which prevails?)

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The very first printed postcard was used to provide a chief means for brief communication.

online printing services, postcard printing

Postcards have gone a long way already. From the first printed postcards used in Austria at around 1969 to the state-of the-art postcards that we are having now, we can say that postcard printing industry has accommodated immense changes and growth.

The very first printed postcard was used to provide a chief means for brief communication. They were famous in Austria and because of its practicality, it was copied by the European countries including Great Britain. These printed postcards were just plain and unadorned. The message can be found on the other side while on the other half is the address of the recipient. It was only in 1902 that pictures was introduced to postcards. The early photographic cards were printed in Germany. This is because the latter was more advanced when it comes to photo-reproduction that the rest of the states.

With this innovation, printed postcards became more picturesque and comprehensive. They included different subjects like places, people, cartoons and fine arts. This change made printed postcards popular not only in Europe but in other continents as well. In addition, some of these postcards were made collectors items.

Since the inception of the Internet, e-postcards are slowly replacing the printed ones. Finding the right message and image is not that taxing when it comes to e-postcards. They Net displays a wide-variety of postcards from different occasions, places, people and other artsy stuffs. Sending them is not that burdensome anymore. You just click on the mouse and there it goes. You do not have to haggle with a postcard printing company. Another advantage is that e-postcards are cheaper. Sometimes you can even send it for free.

However, a great percentage is still in favor of the conventional printed postcards. They are saying that printed postcards make them feel special. Hand or mail delivered postcard is still more personal. This is because you can actually feel it, hold it, keep it, display it on your board or ref. You do not need electricity to send it on. Printed postcards also carry more personal designs and formats. They reflect the effort to show how special the recipient is to the sender.

Whether we like the classic or the modern way of sending postcards, the choice is ours to keep and enjoy!

Press Printing Pros and Cons

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Press Printing has made nay type of printing much faster and easier. With its introduction. it now only takes a few months to print not only hundreds but thousands of copies of printed materials.

press, printing, print

The introduction of the printing press has made producing multiple copies of a document much easier and convenient. This machine has changed the totality of the written language. It was a breakthrough in spreading literacy in the lower classes as books and other printed materials are now easily reproduced. Many more copies of a document could be made making the documents more available to the masses.

But have you ever wondered how these books, magazines or newspapers are produced? Are these printed materials literally written and colored by the writers? Absolutely not! Just imagine how long it will take to write a single copy of a book. It would seem impossible to actually produce one copy if one has to do it manually. Then how are they able produce thousands of copies in just a short period of time? The answer to that is press printing. Press printing can make copies of words and images by placing ink on paper.

In the past, when the printing press was not yet invented printing a hundred copies of a book can take a year to produce. But after the printing press was developed, it takes only a few months to print not only hundreds but thousands of copies. The printing presses available today can do more things than those available in the past. There are those long ones that can print different colors and those short ones that can print only black colors. There are also those that can connect to a computer to make printing much easier.

The traditional process of press printing has several advantages and disadvantages. Let’s begin with the advantages. For one, press printing offers good color precision. This printing technique can create much brighter print outputs. If you are a person who is particular with color precision, press printing may be the right choice for you. You can also use different types of color with press printing. Whether its colored papers or pitch black type, you have the liberty of deciding which is best for your printed material. Additionally, color printing will look smooth and flawless as fine line screens are available with press printing. Wide array of finishing options are also available such as foil stamping, embossing, and die cutting. Hence, using press printing techniques can help you produce materials that really stand out.

On the other hand, press printing can be quite costly. Films and plates need to be produced adding to the overall cost. It is also time consuming as setting up, aligning the press and washing the press needs a considerable amount of time. Then after this process, folding, cutting and other finishing have to be done. Thus, print jobs done with press printing can cost twice as that of digital printing.

Nonetheless, your decision to use press printing in your print jobs depend on you. When you think this printing process is appropriate to your print needs, then by all means avail of this process. After all, you are after the quality of the print job not the manner on how it was produced.

Preparing Articles For Article Directory Distribution

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Article distribution is a very effective method of promoting your business. There are a number of direct benefits from doing regular article distributions. When done properly you can recieve loads of extra traffic to your website. You can increase your search engine rankings, and of course you position yourself as a knowlegable person on your topic – an expert.

However you need to do article distribution properly in order to get the most benefit out of your time and money….

article distribution, reprint articles, free articles, article directory

Article distribution is a very effective method of promoting your business. There are a number of direct benefits from doing regular article distributions. When done properly you can recieve loads of extra traffic to your website. You can increase your search engine rankings, and of course you position yourself as a knowlegable person on your topic – an expert.

However you need to do article distribution properly in order to get the most benefit out of your time and money. What follows is a list of important things to do in order to make sure your articles perform at peak capacity.

1) Take the time to write your articles for a very specific audience. You need to understand who it is that is consuming your information and then write articles that they need and want. Find out what are important issues for people in your market and then produce articles that provide relevant and useful information and solutions for these people. The better you do this, the more likely ezine publishers and webmasters will pick up the article and use it in their publications.

2) Extending the first point a bit here, be sure that you provide useful information for readers. If you want maximum exposure for your ideas, you need to give people a reason to use your articles. The best way to do that is to write valuable content that provides real information and real solutions for the readers.

3) Have a plain text and basic HTML version of the article and resource box prepared. Many (most) article directories do not allow html in their articles, so all your articles should start their life as plain text. However you should also have a simple HTML version of each article and each resource box. In the HTML versions, simply add hyperlinks with anchor text to make any URLs in your article “live”.

4) Don’t forget search engine spiders when you write up articles. Before you start writing spend a few minutes researching relevant keywords and then be sure to work them into your articles. Not only does this help your articles rank a bit better in search engines, but more importantly it gives extra relevance to the links pointing back to your site.

5) Spend time on the by-line and/or resource box of your article. Be sure to make it a call to action. In many cases your resource box is the only place you are allowed to put links to your site. Make sure that your’s gets people’s attention and get’s them to do what you most want them to do. An effective practice is to change the resource box slightly to match each article and each audience.

6) Use very a clear reprint permission statement that is as unrestricted as possible. Putting rules on the use of your articles, results in fewer people actually using them. Since you want maximum distribution, make it very clear and very simple to use your articles. A simple statement like the following is enough: “You have permission to use this article freely in any publication as long as the resource box and byline are included as-is and any weblinks are made ‘live’ when published on websites”.

7) Don’t fill your articles with tons of links. While there is clearly no set rule about how many links are too many links, human editors will treat heavily linked articles as spam and will be much less likely to use your them. One or two links within the body of an article and one link in the resource box is reasonable, much more than that will start to have a negative impact.

8) Don’t be shy to target specific publications with your articles. If you know of a big player in your industry, follow them a bit (get on their ezines and watch their websites) and then write articles specifically for their needs. Often you can simply write an email and ask them if there is anything specific that you could write for them, in exchange for a link or two back to your site from within the article.

Remember that you want to get the most bang for your buck when you distribute articles. Ezine editors and website publishers are our friends, but they are also a filter between your ideas and possible readers. Anyone can just throw together an article that will sit in an article directory. What you want is an article that gets picked up and republished in ezines and on websites as well as being in the article directory. If you want to get past the human article filters, you need to give them quality content that is easy to use.

Prejudging Will Cost You Your Business

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STOP Prejudging! Again, STOP Prejudging. 95% of people in direct sales and marketing fail, and here’s the reason why. They “Prejudge” their Prospects and change their presentations to better fit that particular prospect.

Prejudging, Consistency, Business Builder

You know when you want to turn your car on, you have to put the key in the ignition, put the car in drive, press the gas and go. Nothing changes…You press the gas, You hit the brake, You stop at red lights, You forge forward…nothing changes! You stay consistent, because you can’t change your car based upon the road your on. You can’t prejudge and say “I’m not going to bring my shocks today, because I don’t need them on this particular road, or I don’t need my blinker, because I’m only going to go straight.” I live in Florida, where everything is straight and flat, but I still can’t say “I don’t need my blinkers, shocks or brakes.” I can’t do that…I can’t pre-judge my path…it’s an impossible feat!

What does this have to do with becoming a successful business builder? Simply,
STOP Prejudging! Again, STOP Prejudging. 95% of people in direct sales and marketing fail, and here’s the reason why. They “Prejudge” their Prospects and change their presentations to better fit that particular prospect. Here’s an example:

“Oh, he’s just a 24 year old stuttering kid that will never make it in the
industry so I’ll just change the presentation and make it a little shorter. No
need to waste my time.”

On the flip side of that, most people will say this to themselves:
“I’m sitting down with a CEO of a company today so I’ve got to take out the part on money, because he has plenty.”

It doesn’t matter who your prospect is…You cannot prejudge him/her and change your presentation! As you know that 24 year old stutterer was me, and I would have earned you seven figures if you wouldn’t have prejudged me. The challenge for most business builders is prejudging their prospects based on his/her credentials, looks, past, etc. I believe each and every person is a Miracle…
I believe every single business builder should be a seven figure earner if they choose to be.


Show your plan and your business to each prospect the very same way.
Don’t change it for anyone! It’s the same way you drive your car. You always bring your blinker, you shocks, brakes…every time you drive your car! You can’t prejudge conditions no matter the circumstance. Never, ever prejudge, and I guarantee you that you will become a seven figure earner and build a powerhouse business.

Find your WHY & FLY!

John Di Lemme

Poster Printing: Doing It the Right Way

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When businesses need a lot of posters for their tradeshows or presentations, they can benefit from the advantages of digital printing.

poster, printing, online, digital

Poster printing has certainly come along way since they were first used. Nobody can really say exactly how the print market will look in a few years time. But a few trends are clear; the surge in digital printing will carry on. Digital printing has really taken off in the last few years with more and more companies offering digital printing services.

More and more people and businesses are now moving to digital poster printing. Most of the publications, print shops and businesses today utilize digital poster printing technology because they are aware of its unique benefits in terms of speed and efficiency. When businesses need a lot of posters for their tradeshows or presentations, they can benefit from the advantages of digital printing. For one, going digital can help you easily correct flaws, alter contrast and brightness or even change the actual content of the graphics. It also enables you to reproduce your digital images considerably without losing any of its color or detail.

As digital also means that your computer based files can be produced at an incredibly high resolution output, you can produce as many as thousands for the same or lower cost per page. You can save time and money by sending your files directly to press and avoid the conventional steps of film separations, film stripping and so on.

But of course, as a business owner you have to take your time in deciding how much poster you plan on doing. If you need a lot of them, then you may want to consider buying them in bulk. Additionally, the design of the poster will depend on the audience that you want to attract. Most poster printing company today offer more than just quality color poster printing at very competitive prices. They make sure that they are able to deliver your project on time and within the possible budget.

Utilizing the services of a knowledgeable and experienced printing company can be beneficial to small and large businesses. Of course, you can have your posters printed at local printing places but purchasing them from on online printing company can be a lot less expensive and more efficient. Hence, before you get your posters printed decide first which printing service is best for you. Is it better to print it from your local print shop or from an online shop? You decide.

Postcards Straight To Your Mail

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Direct mail postcards are cheap and effective promotional materials for many business owners. Postcards that are carefully and efficiently produced can be more than an advertising tool for a business.

postcards, printing, direct mail

To stay competitive in the market, one has to create ingenious means to showcase their products or services. You have to stand out from the rest. This is where the innovativeness of a person comes in handy.

Why spend your time and effort folding letters and stuffing them in envelops when you can simply send a one page promotional material without the hassle of licking envelops and stamping them for mailing. For years, postcards have been used to simply tell a friend that you have been to this great place and that you suggest he check it out, too. Few people realize that aside from being used as personal cards, postcards can also be used as marketing or promotional materials. In fact, postcards are used by many businesses today, because aside from they are simple and handy, they are inexpensive, too. Likewise, when people see a postcard they can absorb messages and information right away. They are also easy to store, easy to handle and simply unique.

Money wise, postcard printing is mostly within the budget of many business owners. Hence, even small business owners can afford to advertise through postcards. Printing and design costs are minimal because there are no letters, envelops and other inserts to produce. If you are really serious about marketing through postcards you can also consider mailing them directly to your potential customers. Why? Well, for one reason postcard separates you from your competitors. When a potential customer receives your postcard, they immediately recognize your name making you stand out from your competitors. Postcards also foster constant communication that can spur customers to turn to you whenever they need your service or product.

Direct mail postcards also build up customer loyalty. It is one of the great ways to tell your customers that they are important. Because direct mail postcards have been around for quite a while, you can benefit from this tried and proven marketing strategy.

A well produced postcard can be more than an advertisement. It can be an informative form of communication that can establish bond with customers. If done appropriately, direct mail postcards work. With so many reasons to use direct mail postcards, the only thing left for you to worry is what to include on your postcard.

Postcards: The Unbeatable Vehicle For Driving Traffic to Your Website

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It’s difficult to reach your buisness goals if you don’t have the right materials and/or the information to help your buisness reach the success it’s capable of. These insights will help you generate the buisness you’ve always dreamed of.

postcards, traffic, marketing

Forget about the old-fashioned, outdated postcards with their yellow tinges and jagged edges. Today’s professional postcards have them beat a thousand times over! Bright colors that create high impact, clip art the jumps off the page, and quality design spell out new, modern and cutting edge marketing tools.

The great thing about the postcard is that even with all of its high tech construction, it still carries a personal, easy-to-read message that will produce results!

Everytime you go to the mailbox, you get more junkmail than REAL mail, right? Sure we all do. We stand at the trash can, mentally label each envelope as something to look at or something to pitch, and that’s that. Advertisements hidden by envelopes never even get opened. Postcards, on the other hand blare their message loud and strong with a quick glance. No need to go through the hassles of opening them.

What does this have to do with Internet marketing and your Website? Think about it… how do most Internet marketers go about driving more traffic to their site? Yeah, of course… they use Internet marketing techniques.

Postcards are an age old method of marketing that most Internet marketers are overlooking. They’ve been proven to be one of the most effective of all advertising mediums, why not use them to send customers to your Website?

A 4 x 5 postcard costs less than 10 cents, is less expensive to send than ads in an envelope and carries a strong impact. They’re easily tacked on the refridgerator or in an office cubicle as a reminder to the busy readers who want to visit your site, but don’t have the time right away.

Postcards are inexpensive, personal, simple and guarantee 100% exposure to your audience. You can’t find a marketing tool that will produce a better rate of return… try it and see. Get one over on your competitors who are missing out on the best advertising tool on the market!

Postcards: The Best-Kept Secret of Modern Marketing

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Life today is extremely fast paced. The days when we sat on the front porch and chatted with neighbors as they passed are long gone. Yeah, it seems that we’re caught up in a wave that just carries us through life. When’s the last time you came home and didn’t have a list of things that you had to do before the night was out? Yeah, we’re all caught up in it together. That’s why it’s important to deliver information to potential customers so they can get it fast and with little or no effort. Postcards are perfect!

postcards, marketing, personalized friendly correspondence

What can be more effective than a brief, captivating message printed on a postcard? It’s quick and easy to read at a glance. Yeah, it has a friendly feel that appeals to the emotional side of your potential customer as well. Sure they’ll realize it’s an advertisement right away, but it has the appearance of a personalized friendly correspondence that is pleasant and low pressure.

No, you won’t close any deals with a postcard, but you can quickly and effectively state the offer and its advantages and give them a compelling reason to get in contact with you. Yep, it’ll be just enough to whet their appetite for more!

People Can’t Resist Reading Postcards
How often do you get the mail, look at the name of the addressee and pitch the envelope and its contents directly into the trash? I do it everyday. Yeah, who needs more mail to sort through with all of the junk mail that fills our mailboxes and inboxes? What about postcards? …no envelope to hide the contents…just the flip of a small piece of paper…and yep, you’ve read it!

It just makes good horse sense that the advertisements that get read are going to bring more response than those that don’t. Yeah, no rocket science involved here! Postcards are much more likely to get read than other mail or email…the curiosity factor combined with the ease of reading, work together to make these extremely effective marketing tools.

Postcards Save You Money
Add 4 to 9 cents in printing costs, and 23 cent postage… and yeah, postcards are extremely inexpensive advertisements! Think friendly…which provides a more personal feeling…the little bars and lines of prepaid postage, or the colorful design of a stamp. Yeah, you can invest a little extra time in placing stamps on each card and create a personalized affect that won’t go unnoticed!

Watch out for cheap immitations! Modern postcards are high impact creations. We’re not talking about old-fashioned… home printed… uneven edged catastrophies here. The postcards of today have tones so vivid they jump off the paper at you, and pictures so realistic you could pick the flower of the page and put on your kitchen table. For the miniscule amount of money you MIGHT save… if you don’t make too many mistakes along the way…heck, I say just order them! Yeah, let the printer do all the hard work while you rake in the profits they’ll bring in