In Some States Security Cameras Are Being Put Into school buses

In Some States Security Cameras
Are Being Put Into School Buses

Some states now have security cameras located on the front of the bus, either above the school bus driver or in the center of the windshield, out of the drivers view of course, so it doesn’t hinder the driving. Many states are following the idea and realizing the benefits. So why are they putting security cameras on school buses now? For the simple reason that there are so many students that ride public school buses now, some states feel it is necessary in order to keep the violence among students riding the bus down.

For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. The threat of vandalism is an issue too. There are some students who have no respect for the school bus, and in some cases the seats have been slashed or written on with permanent markers. This is of course, easily resolved with the use of security cameras on board the school buses. If the student knows they are there, they are less apt to cause trouble or damage to school buses. And those who are rebellious and know the security cameras are on the school buses but yet have no respect for anything, can be picked out and dealt with accordingly without incident saying they were not the one that committed the crime the proof is on the taping of the security camera. Therefore, the truth cannot be disputed and the parents are usually held liable for the students actions.

Also, by the use of security cameras on the school bus and a fight breaks out where no one seems to know just who started the altercation, the tape can be reviewed from the security camera on the school bus and once again, the truth is revealed. Those who are on the wrong side can be dealt with such as being suspended from the bus, so as not to risk the safety of other students riding the bus, or interfere with the bus driver’s driving ability. There are some parents who disagree with the idea of having a security camera they feel it distracts the driver. Unfortunately, the bigger distraction to a driver one would think, would be a fight breaking out in the back of the bus.

With the use of a security camera if a fight does break out the offenders can then be dealt with accordingly. While not all school buses have security cameras on board, the number is rising throughout the United States. And, there have been accounts that security cameras are being placed on board those buses that have older aged students on board as too the elementary levels.

Children deserve to be protected, as do young adults. Today, there are too many acts of violence happening, so the idea does come to mind as parents, how can we afford not to allow security cameras on school buses if it will curb or essentially stop disruption and vandalism all together?

Security cameras do not hinder the driver in any way, they are placed in a position that views the riders and also records so this can’t possibly be a bad idea.