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Los angeles film school

Enrolling in a film school the first time must be quite exciting, but studying in a film school where Hollywood filmmakers themselves take a break from their films and become instructors in your film school is definitely incredible.

At Los Angeles Film School, students are provided professional training covering all aspects of film production, including pre-production and post-production essentials, at the heart of Hollywood, just a few steps away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Paramount Studios, Raleigh Studios, For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. The Kodak Theater, Sunset Gower Studios and the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

The Campus
The Los Angeles Film School incorporates unprecedented training with innovative, state-of-the art equipment. Completed short film projects are screened at the 340-seat capacity stadium-style theater where they can be assessed and criticized. The stadium is THX-certified, equipped with Dolby Digital Surround EX, and a wide, motion-picture screen furnished with digital and film projectors.

Students can likewise experience filmmaking in a 4,000-square foot Digital Soundstage complete with state-of-the-art cameras high definition cameras from Sony, and hard cycloramas (one of the largest in the US) for students to be able to shoot films in virtual sets. These compose the school’s High Definition Complex.

The curriculum is based on a vast range of filmmaking aspects involving hands-on training and discussions on the basic and complex elements. The courses offered in the Los Angeles Film School encompass the essential elements in film production like Cinematography, Producing, Directing, Screenwriting, Production Design, Sound Design, Film Gym, Story, Technical Workshop, Drafting, Drawing, and hands-on courses all given at different professional levels.

The faculty at the Los Angeles Film School is composed of the respected filmmakers who have crafted some of today’s most brilliant films, and who considers Hollywood their classroom. To name a few: Peter J. Abrahams is an independent producer and provides development, marketing, and production support for many upstart and established companies within and outside of the entertainment world; Andy Allen used to post-mix in CBS New York and formerly a Senior Audio Mixer at USA Networks. They are two of the instructors at Los Angeles Film School.

For a tuition fee of $36,740 for domestic and $37,740 for foreign, students can be assured of small hands-on classes so that training will be more personal and effective, a faculty composed of top-caliber filmmakers and cutting-edge facilities. Not only that, the rights of films are reserved to the students who produced them.

The Los Angeles Film School is just one of the many film schools in the US, but what makes it distinct is its proximity to Hollywood, which poses an advantage to students who want to visit film studios and catch the action of filmmaking first-hand.

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